your introductory essay (your week 1 assignment): Revise according to my review of your work, which you will find attached to your paper in the commentary section. (2) Compose two additional pages (500 words) based on the discussion of this week to add to and incorporate into your week 1 written assignment: These two pages should be about the two main protagonists (their character traits, motives, and conflicts) and the narrator (point of view, knowledge, location in the story…). Yep, what we discussed this week on the discussion board: expand on this discussion and further develop your ideas and observations.

Rough Draft Requirements: Your rough draft should have 3–4 pages of content (750–1,000 words) Your Works Cited page with your primary source and your in-text citation citing your quote (from week 1). **We will be working on secondary critical sources in the coming weeks. At this point your rough draft needs only your primary source. MLA format, including MS Word, double-spaced, Times New Roman font 12. For a reminder on writing in your own words and citing your sources:


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