Your educational philosophy is a statement of your beliefs about learning in early childhood. It should convey your ideas about being an effective early childhood professional/leader with ideas and examples of what you gained in your field experience. This week, you will use the Unit 4 Assignment Template to finalize your educational philosophy statement and include the following: A description of the purpose and roles of education and of the administrator A description of your beliefs about how children learn and your approach to education administration An explanation of how your educational philosophy aligns with the NAEYC standards Your understanding of ethical decision making A discussion of how you will apply ethics and professionalism in an early childhood setting

To prepare for this Assignment, please read the Educational Philosophy resource and review the following: NAEYC. (2011). Code of ethical conduct and statement of commitment. Retrieved from Position Statement2011_09202013update.pdf NAEYC. (2018). Professional standards and competencies for early childhood educators. Retrieved from Reflect on readings, class discussions, and on your own knowledge about children, families, instruction, and early childhood practices to help you develop your philosophy. Part2 Write a 1-page reflection that answers the questions given. To receive full credit, answer all questions with clear connections and references to current and/or previous course materials. Please read the following: Daniel, D. (2010, July 2). Writing Effective IEP Goals and Objectives: Suggestions for Teachers and Parents. Using both of these resources, reflect on the importance of writing functional goals that include families. How can you determine what are functional skills for a child? Why is it important that skills are functional?


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