your community to identify an environmental problem that your city currently must handle. Use this week’s videos and the EPA website to provide substance to your response. Your research should provide detail on the environmental problem. For example, you can provide statistics on the number of people impacted and explain what has been done thus far to combat the environmental problem. You should include a detailed response and a photo that illustrates the environmental problem in your city.

How to complete the assignment Step 1: Research an environmental problem in your city (Houston). Step 2: Provide information on how the problem started and name a person or organization that is working to resolve the problem. Step 3: Provide information on who is impacted by the environmental problem. Step 4: Submit a photo that illustrates the environmental problem. Step 5: Draw on information from the EPA website (see your weekly reading) to add substance to your response. Each question must be 2-3 Sentences. You would do this assignment based on the city (Houston, Texas) I live in. This will be based on the OZONE quality.


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