You will use this web resource to answer this week’s discussion question. McIntyre, T. (n.d.). Environmental Engineering: Arranging Your Classroom Environment For Optimal Functioning. Read down to, “Here’s an example of an “empty room” with its non-modifiable items.” Then click the empty box. Assume this is a 3rd grade classroom. Do not read the remainder of the page until after you have completed the discussion questions. Answer the following questions: How might you furnish the room for 22 students and an early childhood professional? Where would you place the accompanying desks that you see below the classroom? What would you want to consider in their placement and why?

Part2 Write a 1-page reflection that answers the questions given. To receive full credit, answer all questions with clear connections and references to current and/or previous course materials. Read the article Try These Classroom Arrangement Tricks to Maximize Student Engagement | The Inclusion Lab. (n.d.). Watch the video Early Childhood Environments. (n.d.). Reflect on arrangement considerations for the physical arrangement of the classroom. Do you think one arrangement consideration is more important than the others? Which arrangement consideration might you have the most difficulty with and why based on your experience? Part3 For this Discussion, begin by reviewing the Professional Portfolio Grid for Outcome 4: CE490-4: Learning Environments: Evaluate developmentally appropriate principles, tools, and practices to create effective learning environments for young children. Then, complete the Learning Activity to reflect on your ideas for Outcome 4. Once you have selected your artifacts, learning, and/or experiences associated with this outcome, you will build your rationale. Your artifacts and rationale for this outcome will be used for the Unit 9 Professional Portfolio. Please respond to the following: Describe the artifact or experience that you feel meets Outcome 4. Identify the course. Provide a draft rationale that shows mastery of Outcome 4.


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