you to choose one of the films we watched this term and, using a screencap from the film, discuss how the language of cinema (cinematography, misé-en-scene, visual effects, etc.) helps to generate meaning. Your analysis should plumb the depths rather than wander the breadth. As such, you are only to analyze ONE still frame (choose wisely).

Roughly 4 pages, double spaced 12pt font (MS Word doc or pdf – no Apple files please!). Image should be large enough to see clearly. Details Your analysis should include the following sections: Opening Remarks: A few paragraphs introducing the central ideas/themes that you will be exploring. Analysis of still frame: This is the image based section of the assignment. You’ll include one still frame from the film with explanatory paragraphs beneath. Remember – depth rather than breadth. Be sure to spend time discussing technical aspects: Mise-en-scène (use of colour, lighting, set design, props, backgrounds, blocking, costumes, etc.); cinematography (camera angles, camera position – types of shots (long, close up, birds eye, etc.), camera tricks (ie. multiple exposure, fo


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