writing word essay due by March 11,2022 11:59 Please see attached document respond to the following essay questions

Program: Hr management Course: Industrial relations Pick from one of these 3 topics to write about: 1.Gender in the workplace (this can be approached in many different ways). 2.Work/life balance issues. For example, studies shows that many workers are more interested in having time away from work. How will this impact organizational effectiveness? How does it impact recruiting? 3.Youth employment issues (also linked to demographics). You will research and complete an essay on a topic that pertains to industrial relations. It should be approximately 1500 words in length, double-spaced, and in 12-point font. You must cite at least three scholarly research sources in your essay and use an acceptable citation method. Such sources include books, journal articles, government websites, and other resources that can be proven to have academic validity. You have access to the York University library system, which includes an enormous amount of good online content: https://www.library.yorku.ca/web (link will open in new window)


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