words referenced essay. With a mandatory inclusion of four *Figures*. (A manufacturer of vascular grafts is aiming to develop a new Coronary Artery Graft. As a first step they have asked you to outlining the limitations of current materials used as vascular grafts. You will be asked to prepare an individual report for their consideration, identifying the most promising material that you recommend that they take forward to market).

Your report should be no more than 1500 words and should include the use of up to four Figures (Image/Diagram/Graph) and Tables in total. It must be appropriately referenced (references section does not count towards the word limit). Your report should adopt the following structure and will be assessed using the weightings indicated in brackets for each section. Introduction (20%) Provide a short review of your chosen application and the materials used in each case, with reference to relevant reports in the scientific, clinical, industry and regulatory affairs literature. Materials Selection (25%) Review the materials that have been used for this application. Compare and contrast the properties of the materials you identify with each other, and consider their suitability for your application, including reference to bulk and surface properties, together with any other considerations you believe to be relevant to their potential use. Recommendations (50%) Present your report recommendations, with appropriate justification presented in the context of the challenge set out in the introduction and the information you set out in the materials selection section. Discuss briefly the key safety and/or efficacy limitations of currently used materials that will be addressed by your recommended material. What testing would you advise to demonstrate the suitability of your choices for the specific application selected. Conclusion (5%) Summary of key findings and recommendations.


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