will conduct research on the following: Every student must research and compile a general overview of the entire retail marketplace. This will include a section on trends in retailing. All candidates are then expected to choose a specific retail sub sector and examine the unique features of this sub sector. Within this sector, each student will select a specific retailer and the main art of this assessment will be an examination of this retailer’s marketing activities., eg. Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Physical Evidence, Process, People, Targeting strategy, use of technology and the nature of buyer behaviour in the marketplace. The final section will look at any conclusions, insights that you might have on the retailer’s activities, success/failure etc.,

I chose to do my project on HARVEY NORMAN in ireland. Harvey norman is one of irelands biggest electrical company for phones ipads etc. ” For the biggest range and the best deals in Computers, Electrical, Furniture and Bedroom, choose Harvey Norman.” 1.3 Marking rubric The 50 % will be allocated according to the following criteria and weightings; 10 % – presentation, layout, structure, references etc. Page 2 of 2 30 % – depth and quality of research, ability to link theory and practice of Retail Marketing 10% – coherence and quality of the writing and conclusions. 1.4 Formatting Requirements No need for a cover page. Student Name and T-Number to appear in Header of Each Page. 12 Times New Roman Headings and sub headings in Arial Bold. Word Count of 2,000 words /- 150 is a guide. Single Line Spacing All pages to have page numbers in bottom right of report, for example Page 2 of 6 etc. 1.5 References will abide by recommended system as explained in an e-mail, last semester, from the Librarian on 22nd October, 2020


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