will be TWO PARTS, part one is the research paper which is due next week, and part two will be a a slide presentation which I will have the instructions available March 28th. For completing both parts I will release an additional $20 bonus when completed. Also, the file is the topic I got approved by my professor that you can use my essay. I chose gambling addiction with 2 sources provided already to make it a little easier. Part 1 is due Sunday March 27th and Part 2 is due April 17th but will be open up way before then so don’t worry. Be patient with this assignment and me and please communicate if possible.

This should be a fairly typical college research paper. You will write a 4 page summary of recent academic scholarship on your topic using at least 4 scholarly sources. Your summary needs to have 4 distinct sections (with section titles). You need to use academic research in each section. Your summary needs to address the following questions: Define your topic – How are your subjects identified? What do they do that makes them deviant? Is this an act or an identity? How is the act related to the identity? Is this a situational identity, or a permanent one? Describe what makes them unique. History – What is the history of the identity? Is this a new identity or an old one? How has the identity changed? What brought about the identity? How does it function in society? Why has it changed or originated recently? Consequences – What are the legal, social, or other consequences for this group? The paper is to be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font (or Calibri 11 point), double spaced, numbered, with 1” margins, and in ASA format. Also, please include your name in the header or footer next to the page number. Partial pages and odd spacing will not count towards your page minimum. Please also see the document on Canvas regarding what counts as a scholarly source.


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