What does it take for district leaders and campus principals to promote and support equitable

DescriptionChapter 2 – Please use Calibri 11
Literature Review
• This chapter is not a series of discrete article summaries. Chapter two is a synthesis of
relevant literature that a) makes a clear argument as to the significance of the study, and b)
provides a bridge between the purpose of the study and the methodology chosen.
• Theoretical perspective
i. Identify and define the chosen framework
ii. Description of what makes it appropriate (i.e. how it informs the design of the study
and will support the analysis and interpretation of results).
Please review the documents provided first. The draft of chapter 1 will provide the context needed for the lit review. Parts of the mini lit review should be incorporated but please look at the feedback document as well to see the suggestions provided for strengthening the lit review. Lastly, please review the references document. In addition to new references, these key references including Khalifa et al., must be incorporated.


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