Weight Scientists measure an object’s mass in kilograms and its weight in Newtons. If you know the amount of mass of an object you can calculate its weight, in Newtons, with the following formula: Weight = Mass * 9.8 Design a program that ask the user to enter an object’s mass and then calculates its weight. Check to make sure that the mass entered is greater than 0, if not display a message to the user and do not do the calculation. If the object weights more than 1000 Newtons, display a message indicating that it is too heavy. If the object weights less that 10 Newtons, display a message indicating that is it too light. Please follow the instruction as an example. I also uploaded the same one in the docs

ALGORITHM DEVELOPMENT – CSC109 ========================================================================= Algorithm Format to be Used Title: Software Sales Author:Richard Specioso Date:Due Date Course


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