week’s Journal will focus on functional skills. Write a 1-page reflection that answers the questions given. When working with children with autism spectrum disorder, it is critical to target functional skills. In this week’s reflection, please explain appropriate functional skills to be taught in the early childhood setting. How would you ensure that the skills you target are of value to the child? To the family? Do you have an ethical obligation to ensure that skills you target benefit the child? Could family culture impact what functional skills you target?

Part 2 Professional Portfolio: Program Outcome 1 For this Discussion, begin by reviewing the Professional Portfolio Grid for Outcome 1: CE490-1: Knowledge Base: Apply knowledge through active participation in coursework and review of current practices in child development, learning theory, program administration, leadership competencies, and financial management in early childhood programs. Once you have selected your artifacts, learning, and/or experiences associated with this outcome, you will build your rationale. Your artifacts and rationale for this outcome will be used for the Unit 9 Professional Portfolio. Please respond to the following: Describe the artifact or experience that you feel meets Outcome 1. Identify the course. Provide a draft rationale that shows mastery of Outcome 1. Part3 Case Study You are the director of a before and after school program serving kindergarten through third graders. The school year is starting next month and you are busily hiring early childhood professionals and assembling classrooms. You met with the principal to go over the list of students in your program for the year, and the list includes a number of children with ASD who have behavior issues and Individualized Education Programs IEPs in place. U.S. Department of Education. (2007). A Guide to the Individualized Education Program. Retrieved from http://www2.ed.gov/parents/needs/speced/iepguide/index.html You recently went through comprehensive training on applied behavior analysis techniques, and you specifically want to introduce some positive behavior supports for all the students in your program. How would you describe their use to parents? How would you justify their use to administrators? Would you explain their use to the students; why or why not? Justify all of your answers with references and specific examples.


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