variables that you will explore in research questions such as “For Towson University students, what is the relationship between visiting ‘Towson Hot Bagels’ restaurant and their engagement with the restaurant’s instagram page?” and “For college aged students, what is the relationship between spending habits and purchasing from ‘Towson Hot Bagels’?” Each variable will be defined in a concrete manner as you measure it for the original research. Also explain the research questions. (150-200 words)

Towson University is a university and THB bagels restaurant is a nearby restaurant for background. For this research case we have chosen to do a deep analysis of ‘Towson Hot Bagels’, a local bagelry and deli in Towson that hosts many students from the nearby colleges in Baltimore including Towson University. We know that this restaurant is popular amongst students and hospital employees based on our own personal experiences and have also determined it may be a bit overpriced for our liking. However, it is popular for a reason. The restaurant has six different locations and offers a blog on their website as well as an instagram page that has over 11,000 followers to keep their customers engaged and up to date. From secondary research we have noted a few issues that we’d like to tackle. These issues include competition, pricing, audience, and social media. We believe with our own research we will be able to determine ‘Towson Hot Bagels’ local competition, determine if their food is reasonably priced according to customers, who their main target audience is and if they are accurately reaching this group through social media platforms. With answers we will be able to implement change.


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