Use the literary devices/elements to engage in a literary analysis Provide an original interpretation, or

Use the literary devices/elements to engage in a literary analysis Provide an original interpretation, or argument about a literary work Support the interpretation with compelling evidence from the text Write a four-to-five page (4-5 page) essay in MLA 9 format on the prompt below. All drafts (unless stated otherwise) must be: Typed Double-spaced (2.0) Written in 12pt Times New Roman One-inch margins on all four sides of the paper Have appropriate headings Drafts must be typed in black font only. You will also need to include a works cited page with the text of your choosing. No outside sources should be referenced at this time. Assignment: Use any combination of the literary devices we have discussed to analyze the text and explain how these formal aspects contribute to the meaning or influence the reader’s perception. Literary Devices Plot Point of View Tone Readings to Choose From Please select one (1). “Theme for English B,” Hughes “The Lottery,” Jackson “Playing Metal Gear…,” Kochai “Beneath the Shadow of the Freeway,” Cervantes “The Abuelita Poem,” Pompa “Interpreter of Maladies,” Lahiri Remember that it serves no purpose to merely point out metaphors, first-person narration, or other devices without showing how these elements contribute to the meaning–go beyond simply identifying these aspects and interpret the work as a whole. Be sure to refer to specific passages to support your interpretation. Although looking at overviews or summaries of works to increase your understanding–especially when you find the work difficult–is encouraged, further research is not permitted for this assignment. The purpose of the assignment is to practice using literary terms to analyze a text, and knowing how a work has been traditionally interpreted may interfere with your ability to make original insights or identify details that have gone unnoticed. Moreover, there is no need to reproduce well-known interpretations. Try to look at the work from a unique perspective founded on the details you observe in the text. Sample Outline You can organize the subtopics of your essay by literary devices, or you can organize your subtopics by specific passages from the text. Introduction Paragraph Hook Brief summary of the text Thesis should include: What text you are analyzing the literary devices that contribute to the overall meaning why your original interpretation is compelling Subtopic (Literary Device #1/Passage #1) Each subtopic should be multiple paragraphs. Avoid 1-page paragraphs. All body paragraphs should contain topic sentences (beginning of paragraph), evidence, analysis of the evidence, evaluation or how it contributes to meaning, and a transition sentence (leads readers into the next paragraph) Subtopic 2 (Literary Device #2/Passage #2) Subtopic 3 (Literary Device #3/Passage #3) Subtopic 4 (Literary Device #4/Passage #4) Conclusion


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