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Read the following in your textbook: “Kindle vs. iPad” by James Ingram, Amanda Laudato, and Daniel Volpe (p. 188). In complete sentences and with depth and detail, answer the following: 1. Which specific two items do the authors compare and contrast? 2. The authors use the “point by point” method. How was this an effective choice? Do you think item-by-item would have worked better? Why or why not? 3. List at least two of the most effective sentences in the essay, offering a full discussion of how and why they were effective for you as a reader. Identify and explain at least one lesson you learned from reading this essay that will help you with your own comparison and contrast essay. 4. Next, begin work on your own essay by choosing a topic. Your topic must be very narrow, must compare very similar items, and must have a purpose. Complete the following: Briefly list 3 possible topics for your own comparison and contrast writing, based on the prompts provided in the Week 3 Lesson and Assignment. Your choices include the following, but your topic will be your specific and unique approach to each topic. -Compare and contrast how two specific people you know grew and changed in different ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. -Compare and contrast one aspect of your life before and after a major event that occurred in the past year, either a personal event or a larger event that impacted you in personal ways. -Compare and contrast two animals of the same type that you have loved or love, such as two dogs or two horses. After developing three specific possible topics, decide which of your specific topics you feel most passionate about and explain why. 1. With this specific topic, who will be your audience, and what purpose will this essay serve? 2. Brainstorm a list of three sensory details (brown, soaring, shiny, tanned, etc.) for each of the two items you are comparing in the one specific topic you have chosen.


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