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What recent (2015-until present) breach of contract case have you heard about on the radio, on T.V. , online, or read about? (No class actions, or breach of credit card/identity cases! Also, go deeper into your searches so you all don’t do the same case.) please do the following: 1. Summarize the case – one paragraph (who sued whom, for what? In other words what are the terms of the contract the plaintiff is claiming have been breached. Does the defendant state any defense?) 2. What part of the lawsuit represents compensatory damages? What part consequential damages? Were there any punitive damages awarded and if so state why the case merited punitive damages. (In your response please note the difference between compensatory and consequential damages – these are not the same and have specific legal definitions. You must address and define each type of damages listed herein, including punitive damages, whether or not they apply to the case.) 3. Do the amounts seem fair based on the facts of the case? Why, why not? You can find information at google news (Links to an external site.), or google: “Find Articles for Breach of Contract cases”. The answers to the question do not need to be that long maximum should be no more than two paragraphs.


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