Topic – 2 pages or less

Diversity in your agency, i.e. diversity in staff and clients. You may also include other reflections in your journal but please ensure to speak about the topic for the journal as well. Be sure to utilize all headings, including paragraph headings, in your journal. Paragraph Headings: What, So What, Now What, Summary. • What: State facts and observations of the event/situation. (objective) • So What: Students to present personal thoughts, reflections, and/or feelings about the event/situation. May also include a discussion about how your perspective has changed. (subjective) • Now What: Based on educational knowledge already possessed or learned, how does that knowledge affect your future behavior or action in connection with the event/situation? Clearly connect knowledge with social work practice. (see explanation below) • Summary: Brief overview of the journal. Each heading discussion should be about the same event/situation. Focus (discussion of Journal) may be any Topic of the Week on the Syllabus OR any experience or observation that you had during your internship at the agency. How to Connect knowledge to practice in your journal?? Discuss knowledge that you learned or know through your education and how you applied that to your practice in field placement. Why are you doing what you are doing as a social worker? Journals should be no more than 2 pages in length and double-spaced.


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