to get an A on this assignment it is an APA 7 edition Television Episode Review the episodes has to be either Law

When you are ready to write your paper, please keep in mind, this IS NOT a summary of the episode. In fact, only the first paragraph of the paper (the introduction) should provide specific content or details about the series name/title, episode title, main character, and brief statements (two to three) about the episode. The series title and episode title must be formatted a specific way per APA!!! The purpose of this paper is to focus on the theories of criminal behavior you identify based on actions or behaviors of those in the episode. After the introduction paragraph, your goal is to literally write a paragraph for each theory you identify. In identifying the theories, you must cite appropriately based on a scholarly reference. Any definitions must be cited with a scholarly reference. If you decide to use an example, i.e. Chris Watts, limit discussion to no more than two sentences and cite it. Choose one of the episodes


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