to be on college level!!!!

Hello, this is a big project and will be needing almost all of your time. Please answer each part in different word documents ! It is due at 10pm eastern standard time on March 18th Thesis statement: Due to social media being such a social abstract, it is allowing many young adults in becoming socially awkward portraying antisocial behaviors during face to face interactions. PART 1: answer each question descriptively on a higher level. Remember this is going to be a research paper in the future so please throughly answer the question within 300-400 words. * Describe a topic of interest to you and explain what you would like to study about it. Talk about generalizable, explanatory research. We’re interested in generalizable, explanatory research, not mere description. * Identify your research question, theoretical assumptions, and information that will answer the question. Keep in mind that you will have to actually do this study in the next 10 weeks, so try to choose something manageable that you already know something about. * Discuss why this study matters. * PART 2: Update your research draft to include details about your data collection plan. In addition, submit 2-3 pages explaining where and how your research plan follows all necessary ethical guidelines including issues of beneficence, respect, and justice. Note that you must address your specific study in real detail. I.e., don’t say “I will protect confidentiality.” Explain how you will protect confidentiality, as well as how you will follow any other requirements that are relevant to your work. Part 3: Your annotated bibliography should include at least ten peer-reviewed journal articles. Each article should be summarized in paragraph format (150-200 words) under the citation using ASA (American Sociological Association) citation style. Here are some links to sample annotated bibliographies in Sociology. Your summary should be on a college level. It should not just say “this article is good because…”. You need to explain why this article is ideal for your research project. You’re doing a research project for sociology Follow these guidelines.


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