This week we will create a scenario and use a Risk Register to document the

This week we will create a scenario and use a Risk Register to document the risk assessment process. Risk registers are a way to organize risks into a list and analyze them. Risk categories can reference internal or external categories, with PESTEL being an example of external risks. First, let us establish context to your scenario. You work for a local non-profit organization whose mission involves supporting child development through reading programs, mentorship, and after school activities for public elementary school students. An idea has been proposed to be a “middle man” to improve the quality of school lunches. The program would pilot in one school initially, then gradually expand to all elementary schools in the district. The board of directors is conflicted and cannot come to a consensus about whether this program should be pursued. You are to perform a risk assessment on the creation of this lunch program to guide their decision of whether to support this plan or not. Establish your narrative and describe the assumptions you have about this project from the given details. You have creative control of its limits (but be realistic!). Tell us where you are based and the state of the nonprofit. Create a SWOT analysis for your organization and its ability to support the program. Consider the nonprofits past successes or challenges and reasons to pursue the lunch program or obstacles that would prevent its success. Start a risk register and describe at least 2 internal risks and analyze them. What are the risk ratings? You do not need to fill out the risk response or controls yet. Provide information to elaborate on your ideas. Why did you select those risks and rate them the way you did? What data informed your opinion? How did the SWOT analysis inform your risk register? Please copy tables directly into your post. You may adjust the final formatting by using the resizing squares on the table and right-clicking on your table and selecting Table Properties.


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