Homework #6: Salut à toutes et tous!  In this assignment I want you to write 10 sentences that begin with an expression that triggers the subjunctive.  Each sentence should start with Il faut QUE…, Il est nécessaire QUE, Il est préférable QUE, il est essentiel QUE or the negative version of those sentences.  The following clause will, of course, be in the subjunctive.  Use a variety of sentence starters (at least 6) and a variety of verbs in the subjunctive.  Only use -er verbs if they are in a form that changes (such as the nous or vous).  Remember NOT to use things that we have not yet gone over in class, such as faire, être, aller, avoir, pouvoir, vouloir, and savoir in the subjunctive.  Hard copies much preferred, and make sure to double space if typing or skip lines if writing by hand to leave room for corrections.  Merci beaucoup.


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