the readings for this discussion board post. And the requirements to complete this are listed in the instructions part.

1.) Read the following in your textbook: “How to Feed a Nursing Home Resident” by Marissa Scott (p. 152) and “How to Make a Traditional Hawaiian Lei” by Alexander Gehring (p. 161). In complete sentences and with depth and detail, answer the following: As process analysis pieces, how are these two works different in purpose and scope? In other words, are they small-task-related, describing a larger, more timely process, or entertaining/informative? What process have you encountered in your education, work, training, or life in the past? How were the processes conveyed to your or your colleagues? Do you think the steps were clear? Why or why not? What processes do you expect to encounter in your future career? 2.) Develop and post one body paragraph (not your introduction or conclusion paragraph – this should be a body paragraph that you created in outline form in Week 3 and that you are now putting together in full paragraph form) from your comparison and contrast essay by expanding fully a point from your extended draft outline assignment (Week 3 Assignment). Then, address the following: What additional details might you add to this paragraph to make it more appealing and clearer to your reader? Identify your transitional words and phrases. What additional transitions might allow for better flow?


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