the possible reasons that hunters and gatherers do not work more than they do may be to avoid overexploitation of their environment. Think about this: overhunting may allow people to feast for a few days but over the long run, the effect would simply be to destroy the local game supplies. Hunters and gathers also demonstrate less patriarchy and ownership taboos than industrial society members. You will explore these differences in a PowerPoint presentation for this assignment.

Use the attached template. Create a presentation of 10-14 slides, with speaker notes. A title and reference slide should be included. Be sure to cover the following: 1.) what are 2 examples of contemporary hunter-gatherer societies? 2.) how do hunters and gathers view rights to land? 3.) how do hunters and gathers view rights to property, such as tools or personal possessions? 4.) what evidence suggests that hunter-gatherer societies have conservationist ethic? 5.) what can industrial, modern society learn from hunter-gatherers societies?


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