The Menu Analysis

IntroductionWe learned how important is the role of the menu in the success of the restaurant. The module topics also talked about the planning process, menu categories, types of menu (fixed or cycle, breakfast, lunch or dinner), menu balance, and menu design. Think of your favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. What type of menu do they serve? Does the menu adhere to the principal of menu design as described in the module? are the descriptions simple and clear to understand what you are ordering? Is the menu balanced (nutrition, business, aesthetic)?
This discussion focuses on your favorite neighborhood full service restaurant’s menu.
You are required to attach a clear and readable photo of the menu you are analyzing. Take each of the six categories, below, and answer how the menu is related to each of the categories.
What is the menu category?
What type of menu?
Is the menu balanced (nutrition, business, aesthetic)?
How is the physical menu design (color, size, graphics, design, location of items, margins, etc.?
How are the descriptions of the items?
How is the pricing (price range and price psychology) of the items?


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