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Essay #4: Please write a short paper that discusses the most important points from Chapters 6 and 9 of Hutter. If it is easier to separate this into two short essays, instead of one, that is okay. Hutter Chapter 6 This chapter talks about the political economic model of city growth and change. What is this model and give some examples of what it looks like. Is Los Angeles, our third “shock city” an example of this? What is the “new urban sociology” and how does it fit in? Hutter Chapter 9 I actually love this chapter – because I am fascinated with how people behave in public – how we avoid each other – how we say hi. All of this changes depending on who you are and where you are – and I’ve lived in CA and Boston – which are polar opposites. So interesting. What I’d like you to discuss for this chapter is how sociologists attempt to study how people behave in public places (please name at least one theorist who stood out to you and what their major contribution was). What approaches does the chapter discuss that stand out to you? What explanations do they offer for why people may avoid each other in crowds of strangers? BONUS POINT: Choose either – experiential activity 9.1 or 9.4 and write in concise detail what happened.


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