the group topic and Type: Discussion Group (and a little bit of Support Group) Population: College Students Purpose: Understanding and Talking About Emotions for Future Professional Helpers

Rationale: Explain your rationale for the your session, and why the design and plan is appropriate for the target population of your group and the group’s stage of development. Your rationale should be cohesive to the overall purpose (Understanding and Talking About Emotions), and “fits” within the objectives for the overall team. Three objectives for Session # Minute/Second Time markers: Include time markers (i.e. Minute 0:00 – 0:30) that covers: How you will introduce your session and topic Descriptions of the exercises and/or activities you will conduct for your group related to your session and topic. A description of how you will close your 15-minute session. This needs to include 3 process questions that you can use to deepen the group’s understanding of themselves and the topic. These process questions should be open-ended)


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