the following statements about the one-way ANOVA are correct?

spnova-new-dynamic-txtWhich of the following statements about the one-way ANOVA are correct? (Select all that apply)  spnova-new-dynamic-txtThe larger the variability within groups relative to the variability between groups, the larger the F test statistic tends to be.  spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtThe results of the ANOVA F test does not tel us which groups are different or how different they are.  spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtAn F-distribution is symmetrical about 0 and extends indefinitely in both directions  spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtIn a one-way ANOVA, if the null hypothesis is rejected, we conclude that the population means are all different (i.e. no two of the population means are equal)  spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtA random variable with an F-distribution can take non-negative values only?  spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txtIn one-way ANOVA, the mean square for error (MSE) gives a measure of the vanity on within the samples, while the mean square for greps MS gives a measure of variation among the sample means. spnova-new-dynamic-txt spnova-new-dynamic-txt


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