the following case and then write a 2-page reflection using the case as the foundation for your responses to the prompts below. Reflection Prompts: Identify the ethical and or legal issues that Dr. Silversmith is dealing with in the above case. What are the possible implications of Dr. Silversmith’s decision? Put yourself in Dr. Silversmith’s shoes – what would you have done differently in this case. How does your biblical worldview impact the decision you would make? Reflection should be 2 pages long, double-spaced, using 11-point font.

Harvey Silversmith, Pharm.D., a recent graduate from pharmacy school, was newly employed at Main Pharmacy, an independent store in a small Midwestern town that struggled to fill 20 prescriptions a day. He received a telephone call from a woman who identified herself as Mrs. Abraham’s nurse. She asked for a refill of Mrs. Abraham’s sleeping pills and gave Dr. Silversmith the number. When he checked the file, he discovered it was for Seconal placebo, No. 30. The record indicated that it had been refilled almost monthly for at least the past 2 years. There was then a reference to an earlier number indicating that the prescription was even older. He asked Mr. Tolson, the proprietor of the store, about it when he came in that afternoon. Mr. Tolson said Mrs. Abraham had been getting the prescription filled for years. It turns out she had had malignancy of the colon 4 years previously. Surgery had corrected the problem, but in the emotional and physical distress that followed, Mrs. Abraham had a terrible time sleeping. She had received a prescription for the Seconal from her oncologist to help her sleep and continued taking them to the point at which she could not sleep without them. Her physician after several months realized that he had caused her to become addicted and felt that it was his duty to break her of her habit. He had arranged with Mr. Tolson to take Seconal capsules and gradually replace more and more of the active ingredient until some months later she was on pure lactose packaged in the distinctive Seconal capsules. She now claimed she could not sleep without her sleeping pills. Dr. Silversmith understood the purpose but felt uncomfortable about the compounding he was being asked to undertake. He was concerned about the potential legal implications of mislabeling by placing the drug name on the prescription label. He was concerned about the fact that Mrs. Abraham was paying monthly, even though he saw that the charge was modest, barely covering the cost of the capsule ingredients that were being discarded. But most of all he was concerned about whether he was being asked to participate in something that was dishonest. Dr. Silversmith is not comfortable with what is being done but decides that as a new pharmacist, he will follow the direction of his boss and proceeds to fill the prescription.


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