the 10 “Substance Areas” of the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR), a professional organization whose mission it is to “To provide an educational discussion for family researchers, educators, and practitioners to share in the development and dissemination of knowledge about families and family relationships, establish professional standards, and work to promote family well-being”. During the eight weeks of this senior seminar students will, with the guidance of their instructor, select and conduct a review of peer reviewed research literature related to the 10 substance areas (Note: All articles must be retrieved from the APUS online library). The phrase “peer reviewed” means that a publication contains articles reviewed and deemed academically sound and scientifically rigorous by the author’s peers in the field. Sources such as blogs, personal websites, popular magazines, newspapers, or any of the Wikis that are out there are NOT acceptable.

Students will select, from the larger body of child and family development literature, two peer reviewed research journal articles per substance area and review, summarize, and critique them in one paper per area. The critiques should describe the research method and results, as well as implications for future research. Each article review should be between 1 and 1½ pages – double-spaced, equating to 2-3 pages per substance area. The format for this assignment should be: Substance Area NameResearch article 1 (include the title of the article) Critique of 1-1 1/2 pages (review should begin at the one inch margin)Research article 2 (include the title of the article) Critique of 1-1 1/2 pages (review should begin at the one inch margin) Use this format for each of your Substance Areas. The text for each review must start at the 1 inch margin on the left-hand side of your paper. These must be submitted in the order listed below. Do NOT submit these as separate files. All five content areas are to be submitted as one file. Be sure to review the rubric provided for you in the assignment area to make certain that you are covering all the requirements. Assignment 5, due in Week 7: By 11:59 PM EST on Sunday of Week 7, your Substance Areas 6 – 10 reviews must be compiled and combined with the previous five articles and submitted as one literature review file with descriptions at the end of the paper about what was learned while conducting the course-long review. NOTE: This final paper forms the major writing assignment of this capstone course and as such should exemplify higher level writing skills and demonstration of knowledge relevant to degree discipline. It must be in compliance with university academic standards and formatting rules of the American Psychological Association (APA) – 6th Edition. is an excellent web-source for reviewing APA rules and fine tuning one’s APA formatting skills. A link to this website is located in the APUS online library. NCFR SUBSTANCE AREAS 1. FAMILIES AND INDIVIDUALS IN SOCIETAL CONTEXTS e.g., Structures


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