that the homework rules are followed as much as possible. Because I do not accept assignments that do not follow the rules. I need to receive the assignment at least 3 days before the deadline. It’s not a very long assignment. 900 / 1000 words are enough for me.

HUM 200 Primary Document Analysis (16%) This assignment requires you to write a short (800-1000 words) analytical essay on a set of documents. General Instructions: Choose ONE of the two topics below, and answer the assigned question(s) using only the primary documents provided. The documents are available on the Primary Documents page: each is clearly identified as one of the documents for this assignment. The questions below are intentionally broad, to give you freedom in how you bring together the documents. However, keep in mind that you are required to synthesize information from the various primary sources in order to arrive at a unified overall claim. In other words, your essay must be centered on a thesis – a one- to two-sentence answer to the question assigned – which the rest of your essay elaborates on by discussing specific points from the documents. Especially in such a short and focused essay, you need to practice being concise and packing your essay with dense content. Do not attempt to meet your word count with ‘filler’: Keep your introduction and conclusion concise (definitely under half a page each), so that you have space to elaborate properly where it counts. Your intro, for example, should be just long enough to introduce the topic and state your thesis. Don’t summarize the documents as a whole, nor introduce each, giving background. Assume that your reader is familiar with them already, and simply use relevant details from the documents to make your points (i.e. to answer the question(s) assigned). Don’t treat the editors’ introductory comments as part of the documents themselves. While it certainly might be helpful for you to read these introductions to get your bearings relative to a text, don’t quote or paraphrase them in your essay; for quotes, stick to the primary sources themselves, and make sure all explanations are your own. Watch for wordiness and/or repetitiveness across the board, including in your overall style. Use of Sources, Citations, and Works Cited: ** Note: The essay is not on the topic in general, but rather is a document analysis and must be based exclusively on the assigned primary documents. Do not use any other sources. Do not expect to pass this essay if you use any other sources, even if you cite them. Any case of plagiarism will result in an academic integrity report, which usually ends up meaning a zero on the assignment for a first offence, and more severe penalties for repeat offences. In your essay, use MLA-style in-text citations: E.g. (Fonte 318) or (Barbaro 175) or (Machiavelli 310) Don’t worry about a Works Cited, since you will be using exclusively the set of documents provided. Topics, Documents, and Questions (choose ONE topic): 1. Renaissance Rulers and Political Theory – March 30 Documents: Francesco Petrarca: “Rules for the Ruler” (14th cent.) Niccolò Machiavelli: The Prince (c. 1513) Question: Explain Petrarch’s account of the ideal ruler: How does he explain and defend his ideas? In contrast, how does Machiavelli’s view contrast with Petrarch’s, and what reasons does he give for his stance? What does this difference suggest about the role of the ruler for each thinker, and/or about their overall perspective on politics? 2. Renaissance Women and Marriage – April 6 Documents: Francesco Barbaro: “On Wifely Duties” (1416) Moderata Fonte: The Worth of Women (c. 1592) Leon Battista Alberti: “The Ideal Wife of a Merchant” (15th cent.) – optional Question: In Barbaro’s account (and Alberti’s if you want to use his text too), what are the ideal power dynamics between a husband and wife? What assumptions are made here about the essential nature/characteristics of women and of men? How does Fonte’s perspective support and/or challenge these values and assumptions? Submission Guidelines and Reminders: Submission: You must submit your assignment through the correct assignment link in the Week 11 or Week 12 folder. Submit your assignment as an MS Word document or a PDF. Other file formats (e.g. Pages) are not supported by Blackboard, and therefore will not be read; a zero will be assigned. It is your responsibility to ensure that you submit your essay through the correct link (the submission links are clearly labelled) and in a supported file format. Deadline: Depends on which topic (set of documents) you choose. Make sure you follow the deadline for your chosen topic/documents. Rulers and Political Theory: due Wednesday, March 30, 11:59 p.m. (See the Week 11 folder). Accepted late with a late penalty until Friday, April 1, 11:59 p.m. An extension is possible as long as you ask by/before 6 p.m. on the day of the deadline (March 6). Women and Marriage: due Wednesday, April 6, 11:59 p.m. (See the Week 12 folder). Accepted late with a late penalty until Friday, April 8, 11:59 p.m. An extension is possible as long as you ask by/before 6 p.m. on the day of the deadline (March 6). Late papers or papers with extensions are not entitled to written feedback; in most cases, they will still receive it, but generally less detailed/extensive comments than on-time assignments. Length: 800-1000 words. This is a hard word limit. Anything past 1000 words will not be read. Not following instructions will also impact your grade. Format: MLA style throughout. Double-space. Include in-text citations in MLA style. Use an MLA style resource (see the Writing Resources page) to help you with overall paper formatting.


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