Text editing, slicing, dicing in Linux Operating system

1. Use the echo command to put some text (whatever you like) into a file called helloworld.txt using output redirection.
2. Run the ps -ef command and pipe the output to grep. Use grep to
search for some particular string in the process output. Direct it into a
file called process.txt
3. Use vi to view a file. For example, you could run the command:
vi process.txt
now successfully exit vi! 🙂
4. Use the touch command to create a file called “touched”. Now rename that file to “renamed”/
Note from the tutor :Do not delete the above files as I will check for them at the end of the
class to give you a point for each of these tasks successfully
completed. Also, do not erase your command history with history -c as I
will be checking there to see that you have run the appropriate commands


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