task, you will be responsible for examining any change or event that was in the news since the start of 2021. The change or event can be local, national or international. Some examples of an event or change could relate to politics, the environment, economy or any other social issue. Finally, you will apply two theories of social change and analyse the change through each theory. Important to Note ● Use at least two different news sources to learn about your current change/event. o Each source must have an author and be credible (no blog or Wikipedia sites) ● Ensure you correctly in-text cite information according to APA guidelines o Practice including both direct and indirect quotations ● No use of contractions (won’t shouldn’t) ● No use of personal pronouns ○ Write in the 3rd person (he, she, it, they, him, her, them, him, his hers, their, one)

Format and Content for Evaluation In a 1-2 page document, not including the title and references pages, 11 point font (Arial or Times New Roman), you will include the following elements: 1. Title page ● Formatted according to APA guidelines o Refer to the PPT entitled “Guideline to APA Formatting” in the assignment post for reference 2. Summary ● ONE paragraph that informs the reader about the change or event that you have selected. This is a combination of the two articles you have chosen. o 4-5 sentences is appropriate for a summary o There should not be any quotations in your summary. 3. Social Change Theory ● In TWO separate paragraphs (one per selected theory), describe how each theory would explain this specific event or social change. Why is is happening? Use specific examples and citations from the articles to explain your connections. You should have both direct and indirect quotations in this section. 4. Theory Selection ● In 1-2 paragraphs, explain which of the two theories YOU believe is a better fit when examining/explaining this event. Justify your selection. 5. References ● At the end of your assignment and on a separate page, ensure you include a reference list, formatted according to APA guidelines o Refer to the PPT entitled “Guideline to APA Formatting” and others in the assignment post for reference


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