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Crime and Criminals: Theoretical Application Assignment 1 Watch online video in PBS Frontline web link: “When Kids Get Life” Click the link below to access the video: “When Kids Get Life” Please write a 2-3 pages papers to apply theories you just learned from the two chapters. The assignment should be written as an essay introducing how two theories (one theory from Chapter 3 and the other from chapter 4*) that was chosen from EACH CHAPTER can explain crimes (or criminals) shown in the film. You should apply many concepts/terms learned from each theory to demonstrate your understanding of these theories. Finally, provide some debates between the two chosen theories and offer your critical comments on those debated areas. * For theories in Biological Theory chapter, you may consider how biosocial theories could be applied for the type of crime/criminals. You may find some more solid ideas about biosocial theory. While writing this paper, you may use additional information from news to strengthen your theoretical points but you shall cite those sources appropriately. You may click the “Resources” to find a sample APA formatted paper or you could use the link below for a comprehensive APA format information. APA Formatting and Style Guide Additional format requirements include: 12 point font size Times New Roman font Double space for the text The first page may start with your NAME and follow your assignment title in the next line. The last page is the reference (NOT counted into the assignment pages


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