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Assignment Major Paper Of the following videos (there are 3) please choose one and review and use for this paper. Assignment #1 (100 points). The student will review one of the posted videos (websites provided) in which a person discusses their life living with a mental illness in this short paper. The paper will define and describe the “recovery model” (2 pages), describe the biopsychosocial model (1 page), and describe and critique how the DSM-5 is used in conjunction with the recovery model in the particular case presented in the video (3 pages). Up to 10 points of the paper is on overall writing style and the correct use of the APA style for references APA format required total pages body of paper 6-8 pages double spaced max. You will need at least 4 peer reviewed journals not textbook on reference page. Please see attached the links for the recovery model: 1Videos for the Recovery Model: Opening Session and Keynote: Cracked but not Broken with Kevin Hines 2Jessie Hogset: Detached, Surviving Reactive Detachment Disorder 3Mary Ellen Copeland Keynote at WRAP for Health Conference


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