Sprint Backlog

Select a subset of Items from your Product Backlog (see Schedule 3) for your Sprint Backlog ( I upload Schedule 3)
List at least two (2) tasks for each Item selected in your Sprint Backlog
Assign “ideal hours” for each task.Ideal hours is the time it would take to complete the task without any interruptions or unplanned issues. Note: A task should a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 8-12 hours, that is, no more than what 1 or 2 individuals can complete in a single day. If your task is > 12 hours, it should be broken down into smaller tasks so that this limit isn’t exceeded.

Assume that 5 days (out of 10 days total) of your Sprint has passed
Complete a Task Board – move tasks (“Status”) to show hypothetical work completed during that time, based on the anticipated work output of your team members.Assume some tasks are “In progress” and that one or more tasks are complete (“Verify” or “Done”).

Update the Burndown chart (under the “Burndown” tab).Note: Story Points (“Points”) are only added once all tasks for a Sprint Backlog Item are complete; points accumulate each day; since we assume that 5 days have passed, only data for 5 days should be entered – leave cells blank for days that haven’t happened


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