SOURCES. APA 7th edition ,NO ABSTRACT ,NO HEADINGS Topic:Artificial Intelligence

Clearly, one of the main issues presented in Decelerate Blue is technology. Clearly, the book shows us some of the down sides of technology. Of course, it is logically false to say “All blanks are blank” and so, for this paper, you are going to be tasked at looking at multiple sides of one aspect of technology, be it hardware or software, presenting all sides as “fact” and then doing a deep analysis, using what we learned about logical fallacies to determine what is valid. It is OK if you determine neither side is valid. The rules: Pick a topic. Pick something that has a lot of coverage. Think big headline issues, not something local that has limited coverage. All the sources must be dated either 2021 or 2022. We want current information here. Even if you are using a source that gives some history of your topic, you still need to find one that is current. Think of it this way; a book about women’s suffrage written in 1921, one year after it happened is going to have a lot less information and context than a book written in 2021, 101 years afterward as there will be more data, anecdotes and context. You must have a minimum of TWO sources per side of the issue for a total of FOUR sources. You may use more but they must be equal. If you feel you need a third source for one side of the issue, you must then find another or the other side. You may use one unique source for the introduction if you feel it is absolutely necessary to explain the issue. Review the Everything you wanted to know about citing tab in the vital information module BEFORE submitting this paper. You are held accountable for the information presented there. APA formatting is explained in graphic detail there. NO DIRECT QUOTES! Paraphrase, summarize and cite your work. 6.Review the the Purdue Owl’s page on what constitutes a good paragraph (Links to an external site.) . Introduction: 300-500 words This is where you simply explain the topic chosen and WHY you chose it. That means you may write this section in first person. If you want to discuss social media, pick a particular kind. Write about Twitter or Facebook or Tik Tok NOT all three because the do different things and have different rules. However, if you wanted to write about a type of app like a dating app or a gaming app, that is OK because your focus would be on the good and bad of that kind of app. However, if you just wanted to focus on Fortnite, you could. Find your focus. Focus is the key. The perspectives: 500-750 words per side (1000-1500 words total) In this section you will present the main points of each of your sources. This must be in third person, written with an eye toward objectivity. Do NOT include your opinion here. You are giving each side of this issue a fair shake. Paraphrase and summarize the main points. Write to a general audience. Analysis: 750-1000 words Now that you’ve done all of this research apply critical thinking strategies to all the arguments presented in all the articles you have used. Point out logical fallacies. NAME the fallacy and explain why you think that fallacy was employed. Conclusion: 300-500 words How has evaluating these sources this way affected what you know about this issue? Have your own personal views on the issue change? If so, in what way? If not, why not? If so, has your opinion about that changed? Reference Page: Proper APA Format


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