Sociology Question

For this Discussion Forum, I want us to begin considering our social roles and statuses, agents of socialization, plus how and why we interact with organizations. The questions for this forum are based on the following chapter sections, also available on the Module Content: Week 3 page:
Question 1 refers to Chapter 4.3 Social Constructions of Reality (Links to an external site.)
Question 2 refers to Chapter 5.3 Agents of Socialization (Links to an external site.)
Question 3 refers to Chapter 6.3 Formal Organizations (Links to an external site.)

Your original post should answer each of the following questions, with at least 5 sentences per answer.
QuestionsWrite down as many roles or statuses that you occupy. Add as many statuses, ones that you were born into (i.e. ascribed) and ones that you earned (i.e. achieved), that you have. How many statuses do you have? In which ones are there role conflicts? If referencing the textbook, please properly cite your references.
Do you think it is important that parents discuss gender roles with their young children, or is gender better left for later? Why or why not? Please include personal lived experiences if you wish. And if you reference the textbook, please cite your references.
Where do you prefer to shop, eat out, or purchase goods and services like gifts or haircuts? What do you base your decisions on? And does the reading from Chapter 6.3 change how you think about your choices? Please explain your answers using lived experiences and cited references to the textbook.


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