Smartphones and Persuasion

Most of you mentioned you would like to reduce your smartphone usage. We are going to have you observe your own behavior and try to change it over the next few weeks.
Part 1
Gather data – look at your phone usage from the past week (get a baseline of how much you use your phone)
Identify 2-5 strategies to reduce your usage (e.g., turn off your notifications)
Part 2:
Collect data for one week
Implement your strategies
Results – graph your usage of week 1 (baseline) through week 2 (intervention)
Calculate whether your usage changed (e.g., average daily usage in week 1 vs week 2, percent change)
Results – write 1-2 paragraphs detailing your strategy (strategies), results, and your takeaways (e.g., did this help you reduce your phone usage, will you continue to use this strategy, etc).


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