should be in the 7-10 page range. It represents a serious attempt to start organizing your thoughts and presenting the research work you have done so far. The goal of this assignment is to provide necessary background information and to review relevant scholarly literature on you topic. As with any literature review, you want to identify the leading approaches or schools of thought in the ongoing academic/research conversation around your topic. This draft should look like, MUST INCLUDE: Four different things which I will list.

1. 1-2 pages of introduction, stating the central focus for this paper, and a roadmap for how your paper will proceed. 2. Following the introduction, you will want to begin reviewing the literature related to your topic, educating the reader about the previous work that has been completed on your topic. This will, eventually, set the stage for your original analysis. 3. You should be able to write a readable, coherent, and organized 7-10 pages. If you can write more, you may do so, but please do not submit more than 12 pages. 4. Your literature should cover at least 10 scholarly sources – this means academic journal articles and books, not just newspaper articles or other similar popular media sources. What are the key findings from this previous work relevant to your research question? Collectively, where are the ambiguities, shortcomings, unanswered questions, or misunderstandings that you see in this work? This is what you clarify/add on to with your own research and analysis in the second half of the chapter.


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