shortage Plan: Recruit nurses to decrease nurse patient ratio and implement new technology Resources used thus far: CEO, Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources, nurses, and departments heads/managers.

write an evidence-based change project status report, which gives you an opportunity to share your progress. The report should provide evidence of your critical thinking and ability to apply research and project management principles in the clinical setting. The requirements of this assignment include: Identify obstacles and steps taken to manage and stabilize successful implementation of your change project thus far. Discuss the project implementation to date, the resources used, and continued support needed. Identify expected project outcomes and any timeline adjustments needed. Discuss a summary of the project, the main points, and the findings, the significance of the project to the nursing profession, and any recommendations for future research. You will submit a written paper using the format of the APA (6th ed.), including cover page, proper headings and references. The report should be at least 4 pages in length, not including the cover page and references.


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