set up using VMHorizon, take screenshots of each task and paste in word to show proof of work.

Task 1. IPSec connection in transport mode (40 points) 1. Follow the lab manual and use your Midas ID as the pre-shared key to set up an IPSec connection between Internal Kali and DVWA-Ubuntu. 2. Access the website running on the DVWA-Ubuntu ( from Internal Kali before and after setting up the IPSec connection. Use Wireshark on Ubuntu to sniffer the whole process and analyze the results. Task 2. Expand your network (30 points) Base on the network you built, then configured the IPSec connections between any three hosts ( e.g.: Ubuntu-18.04-VM, DVWA-Ubuntu, and Internal Kali) with the same pre-shared key. Task 3. Examine one of the IPsec encrypted packets and answer the following questions. (30 points) 1. Can you tell whether the datagram is carrying UDP, TCP, or ICMP data? How? 2. What is the SPI for this SA from your Ubuntu to DVWA-Ubuntu? What is the SPI for this SA from DVWA-Ubuntu to Ubuntu? 3. How are the sequence numbers changing in each of the SAs? 4. In your own words, describe in what cases is manual keying feasible and in what cases it is not.


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