separate word documents !

Homework 1: After reading the story of Bellerophon and the selected parts of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, complete a small written response of no more than two paragraphs in length to the following question: “Did Bellerophon follow the golden mean? Based on his actions and their outcome, would you characterize him a tragic hero?”. Just 400 words  No bibliography or citations are necessary for this small response. Homework 2: Today we are reading Islam: A Very Short Introduction. Tell us what you think of this book AND how this book has changed your mind on Islam OR how the writer has challenged your knowledge and understanding on Islam (at least 400 words). You should also comment on your classmates’ presentations (I will upload my classmate presentation) ! Please also leave a substantive response for one of your classmates too (once the assignment is completed, I will send you my classmate response where you would have to write 5 sentences. Do you agree or disagree


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