sentence paragraph summarizing your analysis. The section should begin by stating whether or not your specific IGR case has “effectively” addressed a cross-border/cross jurisdictional policy goal or challenge. For example: “The Safe-Night partnership between the cities of Springfield and Thomasville designed to address homelessness is ineffective.” The remaining one or two sentences should briefly summarize why, referencing aspects of your framework. For example: “Specifically, Safe-Night suffers from bitter political controversy, a related lack of funding, and poor capacity due to the inability to find and hire talented social workers.”

(Example is attached, I’ve chosen a topic, must include end notes) Assignment for Module 2 Intergovernmental topic that two or more governments are working together on that I will write about: The Big Dig Project in Boston Summary: The Central Artery/Tunnel Project was the largest, most challenging highway project in the history of the United States. It reduced traffic and improved mobility in one of America’s oldest, most congested major cities. (The Summary should be a clear conclusion and summary of how the two governments worked together and if the intergovernmental relationship is effective or not – and why) Analysis: 1. public purpose: 2. authorities/governments involved: (In your analysis, include the subheads for the following, and rearrange them so that you order them by importance. Put the most important first.) 3. Powers: budget and regulation: 4. political context: 5. capacity: 6. other contextual issues: Recommendations: (Your recommendations should include your plausible and creative recommendations on how to improve the analyzed IGR case, based on your analysis.) ENDNOTES Finding Evidence Evidence can be taken from respected news sources. Newspapers such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune are generally respected sources. You will also need to become familiar with local periodicals in Arizona (e.g., The Arizona Republic) and the Southwest for at least your State-local and inter-local assignments (or let me know if you live in another state/region). You are also encouraged to search for policy reports from governments (e.g., Congressional Research Service) and respected think tanks, such as The Brookings Institution and American Enterprise Institute. ASU’s own Morrison Institute for Public Policy is also an excellent source on local policy issues. Please ask me if you are in doubt as to the quality of a particular policy report. Avoid commentaries and editorials. These are usually light on facts. The best articles are longer and have statistics, examples, facts and figures that can support your analysis. While acceptable, the use of quotes should be limited (e., no more than one or two per assignment).


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