select, from the larger body of child and family development literature, two peer reviewed research journal articles per substance area and review, summarize, and critique them in one paper per area. The critiques should describe the research method and results, as well as implications for future research. Each article review should be between 1 and 1½ pages – double-spaced, equating to 2-3 pages per substance area. The format for this assignment should be: Substance Area Name Research article 1 (include the title of the article) Critique of 1-1 1/2 pages (review should begin at the one inch margin) Research article 2 (include the title of the article) Critique of 1-1 1/2 pages (review should begin at the one inch margin) Use this format for each of your Substance Areas. The text for each review must start at the 1 inch margin on the left-hand side of your paper.

NCFR SUBSTANCE AREAS 6. FAMILY RESOURCE MANAGEMENT e.g., Goal Setting and Decision-Making; Development and Allocation of Resources; Social Environment Influences; Life Cycle and Family Structure Influences; Consumer Issues and Decisions. 7. PARENT EDUCATION AND GUIDANCE e.g., Parenting Rights and Responsibilities; Parenting Practices/Processes; Parent/Child Relationships; Variation in Parenting Solutions; Changing Parenting Roles Over the Life Cycle. 8. FAMILY LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY e.g., Family and the Law; Family and Social Services; Family and Education; Family and the Economy; Family and Religion; Policy and the Family. 9. PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND PRACTICE e.g., Formation of Values; Diversity of Values in Pluralistic Society; Examining Ideologies; Social Consequences of Value Choices; Ethics and Technological Changes; Ethics of Professional Practice 10. FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION METHODOLOGY e.g., Planning and Implementing; Evaluation; Education Techniques; Sensitivity to Others; Sensitivity to Community Concern.


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