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Discussion question: What is SPSS and how is it used in the counseling field? What types of research and data can SPSS be used for? Why is SPSS a popular tool for counseling research? Classmate response to discussion question: What is SPSS and how does it apply to counseling? SPSS is also known as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. Computers have become increasingly important in business, education, and all disciplines of science. This dependency has grown to the point where it is no longer practical to understand social and health science studies without a solid understanding of statistics and at least a basic comprehension of statistical software. SPSS is also a flexible software that provides a wide range of analyses, data transformations, and output formats. In other words, it is more than sufficient for our needs. A variety of SPSS techniques are used majority in processes that are applicable to statistical studies presented in a basic statistics or research technique classes in social and health sciences, natural sciences, or business. SPSS can help better understand the information, it can help test ideas that were previously too difficult to investigate, and it can save a lot of time by reducing the chances of making mistakes in data analysis (Arkkelin, 2014). Reference Arkkelin, Daniel. (2014). Using SPSS to Understand Research and Data Analysis. Psychology Curricular Materials. 1.


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