Research Project Details You will demonstrate an understanding of the course and Academic literature or Essay

Research Project Details You will demonstrate an understanding of the course and Academic literature or preview review journal review by completing the Final Research paper. You are required to complete one final research paper. The research paper provides you with an opportunity to apply competencies gained in the course and conduct research by reviewing different academic journals and peer-reviewed journals to select your topic, write the abstract, and develop a complete paper. It is highly recommended to submit the Abstract/paper at different conferences. It is required to submit your Grammarly report along with your Draft and Final Paper. Grading: The final grade for the Research Paper will be a composite of the scores on the following deliverables due at these Weeks: Week 4: Abstract and Outline (7%) – 100 points Week 7: Draft (10%) – 120 points Week 10: Final paper (11%)- 130 points Promoting Originality One or more of your course activities may utilize a tool designed to promote original work and evaluate your submissions for Plagiarism. More information about this tool is available in Grammarly. Phase 1: Assignment: Research Paper Abstract and Outline: Throughout this course, you will work on a research paper on a course-related topic of your choice and approved by your instructor. This research paper is an opportunity for you to personalize the concepts you are learning in this course. Ensure to pick a topic that you can find substantial research papers and articles to support your research paper. Through the course, you will complete the following: In Week 4, you will submit the research title after approval of your instructor and submit the abstract with the outline In Week 7, you will submit an intermediate draft of the research paper. In Week 10, you will submit the final draft of your paper In week 4, select a topic for your research paper and get it approved by your instructor. Then, submit an abstract on your paper topic. The abstract is an executive overview of your paper. Develop an outline along with references It should be a 150-300 words summary that would be appropriate to give your instructor so that they would know the essence of your project without reading the paper in its entirety. Please identify the external sources you will use for further research. Outline Overview: Provide a brief outline of your project (approximately 1–2 paragraphs, including your intended thesis statement) along with an outline of the proposed project (introduction, key points, and conclusion, etc.) Add main topic headings with appropriate subheadings (2–4 subheadings are suggested). The outline might be modified as needed for your topic. Ensure your choices of headings and subheadings are appropriate, given the literature that is available on your chosen topic. Your outline will likely be modified by the discovery of additional research on your topic. Include at least one reference appropriate for each main section of your paper. References must be primarily concerned with that specific topic and not simply report on the topic as part of its introduction or discussion. Include a Reference page following the APA format (6th Edition). Use the APA writing guidelines for all submissions related to this assignment. Detail any issues or challenges you foresee related to the final project along with any assistance that your instructor can provide in the coming weeks. Your outline should demonstrate a clear understanding of the topic to be studied, the methodologies involved, the challenges that need to be resolved, and the appropriate resolution strategy. Note: Use the Talladega College Library to find different articles Rubric For: Abstract, Draft and Final Paper Criteria Rating 15 Pts 12 pts 10 pts 5 pts 0 pts Topic


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