research paper, centered on the comparison of economic development of New York and Los Angeles, more or less along the line of a broadly defined embedded market approach Topic: The difference in economic diversity between New York and Los Angeles is caused by the land transportation system Course name: Geographies of Markets

refer to the attached document – an introduction argument – Part 1 What are the key local (at the urban or regional scale) factor and mechanism, and geographic scales (e.g the national state or supranational institutions such as IMD and European Union, in what ways they were intertwined, and how they are to be compared) – Part 2 To what extent the two regions/cities may be treated as mutually independent, and to what extent they should be analyzed in relation to each other – Part 3 What insights have you gained through such a comparative study that would be otherwise impossible in the case of a standing alone analysis – Part 4 Among your findings from this comparative case study, what are just context-specific, historically- contingent phenomenon or mechanism, and what, if any, can be generalized as more or less universal regularity – conclusion


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