Report Scenario: The company you work for recently acquired several international locations. You were informed that multiple positions will be moving overseas over the course of the next few years. Your manager has asked you to provide a comprehensive cultural information report to help employees make the transition to overseas employment. 5-7 page paper. Detailed instructions from professor outlined below in the instructions. examples included in the instructions

Previously assigned but not completed by person assigned to Instruction Develop a 6–8 page cultural information report that will help an employee better understand how to make the transition overseas. Include the following: Write an Executive Summary that explains the organizational strategy for expanding company operations to this particular country. What is the company strategy for working in this country? What are the expectations of leadership (ROI)? (Dr. Vic: please concentrate on the “why” and rationale portion of these questions – focus on the company’s purpose for entering a foreign market. Use the company you currently work for or a previous employer – but make sure it is a real company, AND that they do not already operate in the country you have selected. When discussing strategy for expanding focus on the plan to expand – will it be a phased-in move, or will they use an acquisition method (take over an existing company’s presence) or other approach. Also, discuss the expected results [expectations] of leadership with regard to HRM process in the expansion). Prepare an overview of the critical information an American would need to know to live and work in the selected country. Language(s) spoken. Currency, economy, political climate. Housing, cost of living, transportation. Health care. Recreation. (Dr. Vic’s TIPS, there is a lot to discuss and research here. Language(s) spoken: Disclose the primary language spoken and any dialects your employees might also encounter. Currency, economy, political climate; Discuss what the monetary system is like including currency, discuss also anything pertinent about the economy your employees might need to know [for example are certain shops closed on certain days etc.], and discuss the national and even local political structure. transportation availability, cover available transportation options both locally and across the country. Trains, airports, local busses, taxi service and always provide an emergency transportation medium like a phone number employees can call to have a taxi or other transportation means come to them. housing costs, cover how housing will be taken care of, for example will there be corporate housing, or will the employee need to find suitable reimbursable housing on their own – sometimes this is a very cost-effective strategy for many smaller companies. union influence – if any; provide union contact info, if any, and also union expectations. work week; Here cover the day-to-day and week-to-week work flow for employees, include work day schedule if different than 8a-5p – for example in some countries the work day lasts past 5:00pm and in other countries it ends before 5:00pm. Cover when lunch is typically taken and also when breaks, if any, can be taken. Health Care: Provide information on how health care will be handed – will a different medical insurance plan be needed for these employees? If so, provide information on local health providers – in short make your employees both knowledgeable and comfortable with their health cover as they work abroad. Recreation activities


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