Question about management

Part A need 500 word
All part need APA style, and cited
This is an assignment for an advanced professional course
Management major only
Details are in the file, each section has special requirements
Do not share this work to anyone or upload this work in any website
Read DocA first , do not miss anything or details. If you have any question or need anything please let me know
All work is needed write in right format and no errors in grammar, punctuation, word choice, spelling.
Do not use any real name or real company name, for all work you can use “A company” without a name (No need to introduce the company in detail) or use I have Internship in a company.
use your own words to finish this or change and rewrite it, do not share this work or upload it to any website, and it has to be your original work.
Answer from the perspective of students, only internship experience


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