Quality Management and Lean Six Sigma: Project Charter

Only need to complete two sections of the project charter: the Rummler-Brache Relationship Map and the Analysis in JMP on the link below.
For the Rummler-Brache Relationship Map: The map on the doc is not a relationship map. It has to look like: The larger box is the franchisor. The box inside of the larger box is the franchisee. Then inside of each box are the departments that impact order fulfillment. Add to the detail in the larger box as the franchisor. They are the main source of supplies. Think of the major departments at the franchisor, e.g., HR, Business Development, Contract Department, Sourcing, Warehousing. Add detail to the procurement portion of the franchisor to include the warehouse where supplies are shipped from. Then draw a direct arrow from the warehouse to the franchise location. Add more detail to the franchise location. Think in terms of the departments at the franchise location – e.g., receiving department, kitchen, front counter. Not in terms of the process flow of filling the customer order.The identified is regulatory environment box (above the company box). There are many regulatory agencies including OSHA, FDA, EPA, USDA, EEOC, Public Health, State Department of Revenue, and IRS. The team identified the competitive environment. Competitors were identified in the competitive environment including direct and indirect competitors. Inside the box are the main areas of the company involved in order fulfillment. Order taking, kitchen, payment/cash handling, and all of the support services – finance, accounting, HR, etc. For the competitive environment the team may wish to identify who the primary competitors are. Either in the locations close by with the same food type or other fast casual dining.
The Raising Canes of this project charter is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Data Set for queue time, order time, and fulfillment time


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